Call for Papers for the 47th JSICR Conference,
Fall 2022
Submission Instructions for Individual Research Presentations

Dates: November 19, 2022 (Saturday)

Venue:This Conference will be held online. (Zoom Cloud Meetings)

This Conference will be held online (Zoom Cloud Meetings) and on-site at Waseda University (Waseda    Campus) *TBA

Deadline for Application: Entries must arrive by September 30, 2022 (Friday), noon

  Please ensure that there are no cancellations after you have applied.

The Deadline for application will not be extended.

 Please be sure to submit the full papers or presentation materials by the deadline. Presentations that have not submitted them by the deadline may not be accepted as official presentations.

 We are considering the way of holding the event while monitoring the situation.The updates will be announced on our website.→2022/10/14update


1. Presentations are restricted to members of the Japan Society of Information and Communication Research (JSICR). However, non-members may apply if they complete membership procedures before applying and become provisional members. Co-authors may or may not be members of the society.
2. Member presenters must have paid their annual membership fees.
3. Only one presentation can be the presenter except for co-authors.
4. Applications may be screened and selected by the Study Program Committee if a large number of entries are received or the contents of any entry are found inappropriate.(e.g. promoting business)
5. Applicants can download the prescribed forms from the Society’s website (
6. Please be careful to avoid problems such as infringement of copyright. Paper presenters should take caution when including copyrighted material in their slides.
7. If you expect to require special care during your presentation due to a disability or serious medical condition, etc., please contact the JSICR Office before submitting your application.

*Prescribed forms*
・Application Forn for Individual Research Presentations (WORD / PDF
・Extended Abstract(template) (WORD

■ Guidelines for Individual Research Presentations
Unpublished studies clearly demonstrating novelty, creativity, and utility and that contribute to the development of information and communication research either practically or academically.

Deadline for Application

Entries must arrive by September 30, 2022 (Friday), noon.
Please submit the Application form (prescribed format) AND the extended abstract (prescribed format) by e-mail  to the JSICR Office.

Deadline for Submission of the papers or presentation materials Entries must arrive by November 7, 2022 (Monday), noon..
Please submit the full papers or presentation materials by e-mail  to the JSICR Office.

*Presentation time; 35 min per a speaker
Detail: 20 min for presentation, 5 min for commentators' question period, 10 min for Q&A for the floor.
*Discussants will be allocated to each presentation.
*If you wish to use figures or tables in the extended abstract, please submit a separate sheet (up to one A4 sheet) with only the figures and tables along with the prescribed form.
*The extended abstract and the full papers or presentation materials will be posted on our website.
*The recorded video of presentation will be made available on YouTube (to which access is limited to JSICR members) until the day before the next annual conference.

<< The Japan Society of Information and Communication Research—Early Bird Presentation Prize>>
The "Early Bird Presentation Prize" is awarded to excellent individual research presentations in the student category. Awardees will be presented a certificate and 30000 yen as prize money.

Contact information for application or queries:

The Japan Society of Information and Communication Research (JSICR) Office
11th Floor, Nittochi Building, 1 - 4 - 1, Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0013, Japan
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